Friday, 3 October 2014

[Hauls] Beauty Products...Accessories etc...


Hello everyone!! TGIF!! Woohoo!! \^o^/ Hope everyone had a great and fantastic week so far and is looking forward to the weekend! =D

My week so far has been pretty ok.. and peaceful.. and October is such an exciting month!! Halloween.. Children's day.. oh and Happy Children's Day by the way to all lovely kids out there! ^3^  October is supposedly a busy month for makeup artists but actually for some of you who might not know.. I don't do Halloween or special effects makeup... (WHAT!??) Simply because.. I'm afraid of ghosts and spirits!?? (Duh.. what!?? O.O) Nah.. is simply because I don't want to have too many specialisations.. its a preferences actually and honestly special effects makeup is not easy to do, so kudos and salute to all special effects makeup artists! (O.O)>

Anyway, like I said before in my previous blog post.. that.. I will try as much as I can and update my blog more often so here is it.. with me doing another one today. Its actually another one of my first time today.... ( think straight people..ok?) what I meant was today is my first time doing a Haul blog entry. ^_^ Just to share with you guys what I have bought recently and find that its very good to use. These are just random stuffs.. mainly beauty products and some accessories so here goes:

And these are the items that I got. ^^
I have been back to my obsession with nail polish recently and these are some of the colours that I got from Innisfree. Their Eco nail colours Pro in #59. #37 and #82. (right to left) I have not try them out yet as there were also no testers available at the counter so I can't really comment much on the quality and consistency but the colours are really very pretty and very affordable price of $4 each so I just got them. I also got my first bottle of Revlon Parfumerie scented nail enamel in 090. A dark reddish berry shade that is great for fall/winter season. I tried out the other day and the consistency is very smooth and the smell is very good.. well I won't say its heavenly coz its still nail polish after all but compare to a normal nail polish you won't get the choking weird smell from this one, in fact it smells almost like.. perfume! Well, go get one and try it out and you'll know what I mean. ^_~ (I got it from Watsons @ Taka) I also got the Revlon quick dry base coat and it really dries up pretty fast! The Nails Inc Plumping gel effect top coat I got it from Sephora and its my first bottle too and I really love the effect. It plumps up your nails to a gelish effect as mention and gives a natural shine.

And of course how could I forget my favourite Korean brand Etude House? =) and these are the 3 shades that I've got. Glitter nail polish in #250 , #4 (Beige) and in #97 (Grey). In fact when I was cleaning up my nail polish closet the other day, I realised that most of my nail polishes are from either Etude House or The Face Shop. ( Hardcore Korea Fan. XD) but I'm open to try any brands as long as the colours are pretty and good consistency. =)

These are 2 nail art designs that I come up with using the Etude House nail polishes. They are purely DIY by me and yes... they are my own natural nails. =)
I also got these 3CE products from Luxola. (Gosh.. I really need to stop buying Korea brands..! |O.O/ can never happen.. XD But seriously I do wish they would open up a store here) I got the gel eyeliner in All Black and their Glam cream eyeshadow. I haven't use it yet but I tried a bit of the texture and I really quite like it as it gives a soft satin finish. I think its really perfect for those days where you feel like not wanting to wear too much eye makeup but still want something to brighten up your peeps. =)

For eyeliner, I also got this Japanese brand liquid eyeliner pen from BHG Clementi. (Can't seems to find it in Watsons though) I tried out the tester and it give a intense black and smooth finish. Let's just hope the staying and smudging power is as good too.
I also got this new eyelash glue for false lashes but I don't quite like the smell as compare to the all white bottle one with waterproof function. This one doesn't says so.. but the price is the same.. about $9.90 each so I decided to give this a try but after this I might just go back to the previous one.
My new IOPE air cushion foundation. I got this from Qoo10 as this brand is not available here locally. I was using the Etude House precious mineral cushion previously and decided to give this a try after seeing one of my friend who got and used it and I must say I really love the coverage and texture! it can conceals even the most obvious and darkest scars and gives out a moistful and dewy finish with SPF50 PA+++.  It comes in several different shades and finish, mine is in C21. The price wise I would say its rather affordable as it includes one casing with refill and sponge inside and an additional refill and sponge with no additional charge and the total amount I paid for was about $30++. I'm not sure about getting it straight from Korea though, might be cheaper or might not be. Perhaps anyone going to Korea soon or already got it from Korea can let me know? ^_~

For skincare, I got my favourite facial and eye mask, My Beauty Diary from the beauty sale at the Sample Store event a couple weeks ago. This is their new aroma series and mine is the citrus flavour for firming. Totally love the light refreshing citrus smell when I opened up. The size and cutting of the sheet mask is slightly bigger and different from their usual series which makes it adhere to skin even better, especially the chin area where you can fold the 2 flaps together. quality is also slightly thicker but when applied on face it becomes translucent. Totally loving it! ^3^ have not yet try out the eye mask though. =P

For supplements, I am recently taking this Milcolla 5000mg collagen powder from Suntory. This one pack is a 15days supply and I am almost nearing to finishing it soon. Best part of it is that it goes with anything! Coffee, tea, juice, soup, salad, food etc.. or even on its own! but I don't advise consuming the powder just like that by pouring it into your mouth as there might be risk of choking. You can mix with plain water and drink that's fine. =)  I usually mixed it with my cereal for breakfast or in my hot tea or hot chocolate. It doesn't change the smell or taste of the food yet you know you are taking in your daily supply of 5000mg (One spoonful which you can opt for the spoon or no) collagen. After my first week of intake, I do noticed that my pores gotten smaller and my face became less oily during the day and skin tone appears to be slightly brighter and radiant. Will definitely continue taking it to see the effectiveness.


Before I say anything, I would like to say to someone. "Thank you for getting me this product!" ^3^  Ever since I saw this on the Taiwan variety show Queen (Nu Ren Wo Zui Da), I have been wanting to get this and try it out. Its a sea salt spray that gives volume and you can sculpt your hair in any way you want. This brand is extremely hard to find here locally except in some wholesale beauty supplies store maybe. It's very convenient when I don't want to apply too much stuff on my hair yet want a voluminous look and some hold. ( I always use hair wax or those hair clay/mud). The texture is lightweight, easy to rinse off and doesn't gives a sticky texture and finish. I can foresee myself forever switching to this already. =P


Now honestly, I'm not a hardcore watch collector but when I saw this watch Banc from Korea I just couldn't resist getting it. ( Not because its from Korea ok? XP) Their watch series comes in funky prints and colours on the leather strap and face which I think goes perfectly with any outfits and are great for a casual weekend or even work. I decided to got this black one to go for a chic and casual yet slightly classy look.

I also recently started my obsession with rings again and gotten these rings sets from Lovisa during their sale promotion Which was like 3 for $15..? I think.. I just think they are very pretty yet simple enough to go with any outfits and you can mix and match the rings in any way you want. =)

Ok. I think that's about all for today. Apologise if its not well done or well written as this is my first Haul blog entry, basically just sharing with you guys what I bought and items which I think are good to use. ^_^ Do feel free to leave a comment below or on my Facebook page Living Beauty or my Instagram SHARON_POW if you would like to see more of this kind of haul blog entries. (Which I think I might continue doing again. XD Sorry guys, don't mean to ignore your feelings and opinions)
Hope you all enjoyed today sharing and happy weekend! ^3^
Makeup Artist / Beauty Trainer & Editor



Sunday, 28 September 2014

[Event] Sample Store Ka Bloom Party Event


Hi everyone! =D

How's everyone doing on this Monday? No Monday blues I hope...?

Again, I really have to apologise for the loooooonnnnggg "MIA" (Missing In Action) >/////<
Previously was a little tiny weeny busy with work, was volunteering as a makeup artist at a drama play by a Buddhism non-profit organisation (which I cannot name here, hope you all understand) and a couple of wedding jobs... (Ok.. enough of the excuses.. I promise that I will try as much as I can and update my blog more often. ) >///<  In fact, there might be a little good news coming up.. (I hope.. O.o) which is I'm hoping to get my new blog/website done up by at least before end of this year and by then I'll no longer be using as everything will be shifted over to there. Well, but things are still too early to say thus keeping my fingers crossed. =P

Anyway, today's sharing is the week before, on Saturday, 20 Sept I went to a party event by The Sample Store, which is actually for their new website launch. In case, some of you might not have heard before, Sample Store is a online website where you can register an online account for free, redeem the products samples that you would like to try which they will deliver for free or you can pay a handling fee of $5.99. Once you tried the samples, you can rate or review them. This is a good way if you want to try some of the products that you never tried before and if u like the product sample you can go ahead and buy the actual size product! =) (Not confusing..right..?O.o)

The party event that day was held at FullHouse Signature Café. From 12pm onwards to about maybe 4 or 5pm in the afternoon. I stayed there for only about one hour plus and I really have to apologise that I didn't managed to took a lot of photos as it was really super duper squeezy and crowded that day! After I registered at the entrance, I was greeted by this lovely chandelier and beautiful frames setting inside which I totally love and really my kinda style. =P

There were also a huge buffet spread for everyone kindly sponsored by Fullhouse Signature Café. Look at the crowd..! (Now you guys believe me..? =/)


Beside the yummy buffet spread, there were also of course the exciting beauty sales by all the advertisers and sponsors that everyone is looking forward to! =D
This stall here is the brand goodal and the brand which I all long have been searching for and I'm sure everyone will be familiar with this brand. PONDs. They used to be selling their products in Singapore many years back.. but after that I could no longer find them locally and I believe that they might have already moved out of Singapore (Correct me if I'm wrong.) But here they are at this beauty event! I tried out their lifting and firming cream and it was really not bad! I have one of their cold cream cleanser which I have yet to use. (which I'll probably save it for end of the year where weather gets slightly chilly here? I hope.. =/)

And of favourite mask brand of all time, My Beauty Diary.!! How could they not be here!? Look at the amount of products range that they have! Not forgetting their recent range White Formula which I have just finished a bottle of their brightening toner. =D And of course these products on the table are for sale! at an cheaper and affordable price! Did I bought anything from there? Of course I did! ^_^

The hairstyling session by Tsubaki. Sorry for the poorly taken photo as I really couldn't get past the people. >//////<

Yummy tasty cereal treats by Nestle. They have so many different flavours available and its really crunchy and best of all healthy! =d (Perhaps its time to switch my cereal brand and have this every morning for breakfast. =P)

What a lovely baby blue & pink 4 tier cake by The White Ombre! They do customised cakes and conduct baking classes. (Can I have this for my next year birthday? =P but in all pink! XD)

There were also a lucky draw held that day at around 3pm....I think..? but I didn't stay and took part.

Everyone who turned up that day each went home with a goodie bag worth $50 when you collected 6 stamps from each of the different beauty stalls. =)

And here are the goodies!! =D

A full size Brands Innershine essence. How thoughtful! =D

My Beauty Diary samples! Yay!! ^^

Currently trying out this acne patch as a huge pimple just decided to suddenly popped out. =(

And of course how could I not purchase anything from my favourite mask brand!? This new aroma series which is probably not out yet in stores as I can't find them in some Watsons, (correct me if I'm wrong.) is really effective and heavenly~~ I bought the citrus firming range and I tried out last night and shared my thoughts and review on my Instagram   and I also decided to get their eye mask as well as my dark circles recently are getting heavier and heavier..... *voice fading off...* O.O

Anyway, that's about all for today. Do check out the Sample store website and the various advertisers and sponsors links which I will list down below. Hope you guys enjoyed today little sharing and have a great Monday! =D

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Summer Skincare~My Current Daily Skincare & Routine


Hi everyone! long time no see! =D

Gosh, its really been a super duper long time since I updated a post here.. Its been months I guess and I apologise for that as I was really quite busy with work, life etc.. Life has been good so far ever since I hit eerrmm... you know.. 30...well I can't say it's great and fantastic but I do count my blessings each day and so far things has really been quite good and smooth going for me.

Well, anyway.. today I'm just going to make it short and quick.. no more rubbish and nonsense talking. XD I'll be introducing my current daily skincare essentials and routine for this summer.

Just a quick update. My skin type is combination with oily T-zone and previously I had a major breakout of acnes on my jawline area. it really did freaked me out. I dislike squeezing acnes and pimples so what I did at that time was to apply acne and pimple cream and treated my skin more gentle than ever, I switched my facial brush head to the one for sensitive skin and swapped my cleanser for a soap free formula that's suitable for sensitive and blemish prone skin to minimised the irritation on my skin. So here are my current skincare squeeze:


Eau Thermale Avene Soapless Cleanser.

Suitable for oily and blemish prone skin. Its mild and soapless formuala makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. I used this on a daily basis, morning and night together with my facial cleansing brush. After washing, my face felt cleaner and refreshed with no sense of tightness and my T-zone became slightly less oily. thus, I recommend this to any gals with oily or acne skin problems.

Already more than half gone. =P One of the good cleanser I have used so far.

Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion
For toner, I'm actually using two different types. One for night and one for morning. This cucumber lotion has a soothing effect after using. It fights against oily build up and bacteria that caused acne and has a pore tightening effect with a antiseptic deep cleansing effect. Thus, its very good for gals with enlarged pores, oily skin and after a day of all the dust and pollutants from outside after a day's work. I used this at night time to deep cleanse my pores.

White Formula Intense Brightening Toner.
A new range of skincare from the company that produced the famous facial mask My Beauty Diary. This Taiwan brand is finally now available in Singapore! With a 2% of tranexamic acid, the highest concentrate in whitening products, a-Arbutin and AA2G, its helps to lighten pigmentation and brighten up uneven skintone. I use this every morning after cleansing to achieve a more bright and even skin tone.
Tranexamic Acid- Regulates melanin production, prevent formulation of dark spots.
a-Arbutin- Permeates skin easily, enhance the level of Tyrosinase which restrict the production of melanin.
AA2G- Release high concentrate of Vitamin C that helps brightening of skin and reducing dark spots.
Best part is that it contains no alcohol, no fragrance, no colorant and low irritation and its not expensive too. ^_^ this is one toner that I will definitely make a second or third purchase.

Eyliplex-2 Eye Cream.

I'm sure most of you are quite familiar with this brand. Developed by GoodSkin Labs. I have also recommended this before in one of my previous blog. Check out the link here: (^_^)/
This is already my second tub. =) The white cap side is for morning use and the blue is for night time. It helps lighten my dark circles and fine lines quite effectively and pricing wise is rather reasonable.


Loreal HydraFresh Mask-In-Lotion
A new range by Loreal Paris group. This mask-in-lotion I say its a definite must have for all busy ladies! =D Why I said that. Ok, here goes: it can be use as a toner, essence and a mask. How cool is that!? One bottle solve all your hydration problem. I used this on a daily basis morning and night. Sometimes when I reach home very late from work and etc or when I'm in a hurry to leave the house,  after cleansing I will use this straight away plus eye cream and a moisturiser and go straight to bed or leave the house.  
Infused with French grape seed extract that provides 50x anti oxidant power to neutralize free radicals to protect our skin against the dulling and damaging effects of external aggressors and double hyaluronic acid for intense hydration. Hydration is a must for me as I zzzz in air conditioned room every night. (Weather is so hot.. how not to have air con? XP) Recommended for all skin types especially those with dry or dehydrated skin.

Boots N.O 7 Whitening Day Cream.

A UK brand that has recently make its way into Singapore. I chanced upon it when I was at Orchard shopping and its was sold in Guardian pharmacy. Besides skincare, they so carry cosmetics range as well. Lisa Eldridge a famous UK makeup artist is one of their cosmetic fan.

This day cream has a light weight texture though its says cream but it does absorb pretty fast and its non greasy. It does helps in evening out and brightening my skin tone but what I like most about it is that it comes with a SPF 30 PA+++ with both UVA and UVB protection which is good enough for a normal daily basis. thus with this sometimes I will skip sunblock and go straight to makeup or leave house if I'm going out for a short while.

Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream

A Korea brand that I recently came across on the web and decided to gave it a try as I was looking for a night cream and I had never doubt snail repair cream. Its effect simply amazes me! it does not have any weird or funny smell, texture is a mucus like texture but its non sticky. Once applied on the face it absorb very well and once after you applied it, you can immediately feel your face became more firmer and tighter! I did some research and found out that it is a very popular brand in Korea Watsons however, its not available in Singapore Watsons from what I know. (correct me if I'm wrong) Price is reasonable and its 75ml which can last you a very long time.

My first tub and its almost finished! =P will most likely be making a second purchase soon.


Beta Salic 2.0 Daily Dead Skin Control Facial Cream

As I mentioned earlier, I had a previous major breakout and since then I did not dare to use any scrub or exfoliant on my skin. I came across this product on the web as well and decided to gave it a try since it claims that it can remove dead skin cells simply just by applying at night. I have been using this for about one week plus on an alternate basis with my night cream and I have to admit that when I woke up in the morning, my face does felt abit smoother and not so oily. Will continue to use it to see its long term effect though.


Hanaka Extremely Glacial Mineral Mud Face Pack

This mud face pack is one of the most effective mud mask I have ever used. It helps to control oil, pore purifying and tightening, revitalise and calm your skin. I use this once every 2 weeks to deep cleanse my pores and skin.

Directions: Applied onto face, wait for 5-10mins(Avoid smiling or talking during this period) then rinse off with water.

Ok. That's about all I guess. These are what I'm currently using for my skin ever since I had the major breakout and now still trying to recovering from the scars and spots. Come to think of it, I seem to have covered all skin concerns, Hydration, whitening, oil control, firming.. O.O but then again I felt that skincare is still a very personal thing as different people have different skin type and concerns and our skin changes daily according to weather, diet, internal and external factors, thus choosing the right and suitable products for oneself is still the most important thing.
Hope you all enjoyed today little sharing and happy weekend! =D
Makeup Artist & Beauty Editor.